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Titan Mechanical Services is a leading water hygiene services provider. We are a subcontractor in the water treatment industry and work on commercial projects in large facilities across the country. We offer a full suite of commercial leak detection and commercial water system investigation services for your facilities.

You may require our water hygiene services after discovering a leak in your commercial water system, or system investigation after a Legionella risk assessment. See below for a quick but comprehensive guide to commercial leak detection and commercial water system investigation.

What does Commercial Leak Detection & Commercial System Investigation Involve?

You may require leak detection or system investigation if there is a problem with the water supply in your facilities. A problem could be a number of issues including; a water leak, water flowing from an unknown source or a disruption to your usual water supply. Our engineers are experienced in system investigation and leak detection, and will work quickly to discover the source of the problem.

Does my Commercial Water System Investigating?

If you have a leak or problems with your water system, our team can advise the correct course of action for you. Just contact our friendly team.


What to Expect During Commercial Leak Detection/ System Investigation

Our team operates nationwide on projects just like this every day. We will work quickly and efficiently to investigate and rectify your commercial water system.


What Happens When the Leak has Been Detected?

Your engineer/s will quickly report their findings to you and inform you of the best course/ courses of action that will be involved to rectify the problem. Your engineer/s will then carry out the appropriate works to fix it. The works could consist of any mechanical services including;

Do you Offer Leak Detection Near me?

Yes, our engineering team operates nationwide from our base near Liverpool.

Why Choose Titan Mechanical for Commercial Leak Detection?


At Titan Mechanical Services we offer a range of water hygiene services for your facilities. We are experts in water hygiene and legionella control and take pride in using this knowledge to provide an excellent level of service to all customers. All engineers who carry out system investigations are experienced in doing so and take pride in providing an efficient and expert service.

Contact Titan Mechanical today to ensure that your water system complies with water hygiene quality standards.


50 years experience

Our team of experts have over 50 years of combined experience, bringing a thorough knowledge of the industry and unrivalled expertise in dealing with a variety of water systems.

Accredited in everything

We are proud to have been accredited to the highest standard for all our services. Please [visit our homepage - link] to see a full list of accreditations.

Full suite of services

In addition to the planned remedial work and water system maintenance, we also carry out [tank refurbishment and tank reline (please link to tank reline page on all pages] services that are cost effective and completed to a very high standard.

Nationwide coverage

With a Head Office based near Liverpool, we have teams working up and down the country and have the capacity to carry out Legionella remedial works in the South and South East England, North West, Midlands, South East England, and Wales, North, North East, and Scotland.

How much is system investigation?

Working to the highest British standard in all water hygiene services.

More information about commercial water system services

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