Water Softener: Commercial Water Softeners

Titan Mechanical Services is a water hygiene services provider, operating nationwide as a subcontractor in the water treatment industry. We have been established for over ten years, and have gained an excellent reputation with our clients throughout the water treatment industry. We take pride in using this experience to bring a top class service to all our clients, at every opportunity. 

We offer a full suite of water treatment services including water softeners, chemical cleaning, dead leg piping and any other water system works required at your facilities.



What is Water Softener?

Water softener removes the salts from calcium, magnesium, and other metallics found in hard water. The treated soft water will not suffer from the same risk of Legionella and waterborne bacteria when heated, will require less soap for businesses requiring washing as a large component of their infrastructure, as soap will not be wasted during chemical bonding with the metallic ions. 


Should I get Water Softener for my Facilities?

Hard water can be a problem for many commercial facilities including laundrettes, hotels and any facility that uses a heating system. Primarily when hard water is heated it can create a limescale in the water system that can lead to an increased risk of developing Legionella and other waterborne bacteria. When heated, the calcium and magnesium can also become insoluble, again causing a build up on the surface of the heat transfer.

In terms of commercial problems, hard water can also be a costly issue, creating a greater workload for hotels and laundrettes who rely on washing as a part of their business infrastructure. 


Water softener will reduce the Legionella risk increases caused by hard water. It will also help reduce the costs incurred by businesses who will benefit from the ease heating and cleaning using hard water.


What is Hard Water?

Hard water occurs naturally. It is caused due to the high presence of calcium salts, magnesium salts and salts from other metallic elements in a water supply. These salts are found to varying levels in all sources of water, but in hard water the occurrence is higher. 

In fact, the higher the concentration of metallic salts, the harder the water is. 


Why is it called Hard Water?

Originally, hard water got its name because the calcium, magnesium and other metallic salts present in hard water react with detergents and soaps. This reaction forms a sum that makes it hard to wash with.


How much does Water Softener Cost?

Please get in touch with our team or visit our 'Get a quote' page for more information about water softener costs.


Do you Offer Water Softener Near me?

Yes, we offer commercial water softener near you. In fact, we operate completely nationwide from our base near Liverpool. 


More Water Treatment Services from Titan Mechanical Services

We offer a full suite of Legionella remedial works to control Legionella risk. Please get in touch with our mechanical services team for more information.

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More About Water Softener and Commercial Water Softener 

As well as water softener, we offer a range of water treatment services for your facilities. We are able to undertake several water treatment services as part of one project. 


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How much is water softener?

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